July 2020

The Warriors

Stanley was a good nephrologist. He came to Grady Memorial right out of Yale School of Medicine; really he grew up in this department. He was a good friend, a good man. He was one of those—one of the many—healthcare providers…

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December 2018

Sharp Cheddar with Dijon on Rye

He watched the door, and saw that it wanted to open. It started wanting to open approximately twelve minutes before it opened…

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May 2017


Three months after my sister Cathy turned sixteen and emo, the snow settled in and stayed, and the school shut down, and the roads shut down, and the jobs shut down, and all of the usual ways we found to avoid each other…

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“I love the emotional complexity of the final paragraph, as Craigo manages to swiftly transition from horror to humor, petulance to pain and back again…‘Cathy’ is bold and brilliant from start to finish.”
- Jessica June Rowe