1995 to 1997


Circles and spirals are basic elements of a visual vocabulary about the realm of the sacred. In many contexts, circles represent the notion of divine unity. Spirals are usually seen as schematic representations of forces in the world – those radiating in a clockwise direction are linked to growth, differentiation, and evolution; those radiating in a counterclockwise direction are linked to decay, entropy, and devolution....

This series of works on paper is the second which I produced after returning from a 10-month period of research in India. It was made with an intention of limiting materials in order to bring process to the forefront. Each of the drawings is, in one sense, simply a record of its making.

In another sense, the works are drawn from a number of sources, including mandalas; Indian, Christian, and Greek mythology; and alchemical diagrams representing the divine order. Their titles reflect various religious connotations of circles and spirals: the experience of unity in diversity, the coils of the cosmic serpent, the dome of heaven, the conch and the nimbus, the celebratory garland and the sacrificial crown.