2002 to 2008


Crowns appeared in my paintings as early as 1988, and have reappeared in several series since – sometimes implicit in the interplay of circles and radiating phalanxes, sometimes more overtly. I am equally drawn to their abstract forms and their associations....

For me, this recent series of crowns represents my faith in the accessibility of majesty, the certainty of renewal and transformation amid life’s degradation. The titles refer to grandeur and power as evidenced in the least of nature’s offerings – not as aggression or dominance, but as the straightforward agency of evolution. This magic is at work all around us, and through us, whether or not we are aware of it.

These pieces are deliberately insubstantial, at times difficult to see despite their graphic forms. They announce themselves through shadow as much as shine. They are made from unexceptional materials, through unremarkable means. They are simply, unfashionably, about happiness.

Evolution is as ordinary as entropy.